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Covering up(?)…

In last blog post I took note of how positive I was about the improved “visuality” of the 9th edition of American Government, a textbook I co-author with Alan Gitelson of Loyola University and Robert Dudley of George Mason. We’ve only seen the galley proofs thus far, however, and it will be interesting to look at the entire “package”.

Although the cliche that you cannot tell a book by its cover is generally correct, it is also the fact that covers often tell you something about what to expect of the contents. As oyu can see from the pics above, typically our previous editions had an American flag theme. This edition, however, has an illustration that can only be described as — well — cartoonish (that is the pic on the right).

This has generated mixed reactions. The editors are very excited about the change. They think it will make the book stand out and thus result in more adoptions. But we (the authors) are a bit taken aback…. One of my colleagues suggested that if we are going to take this approach, perhaps our “authors photo” inside the text might be modified to go along with the theme. Something like the folllowing….

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Revolution #9 (metaphorically, that is…)

It has taken 40 years, but I think I have found a metaphorical use for The Beatle’s Revolution #9 on the famous White Album….

#9 has been one of those puzzling cuts — the number was clearly a reference to the fact that the White Album was the 9th official album release, and the reference to revolution seemed (at the time and now) relevant to the time of release (1968). The cacophony of sounds (a style called musique concrète according to Wikipedia) implies tumult — and that brings me to the real subject of this blog: a new edition of my co-authored textbook….

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