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I am just coming out of an intense period of grading papers and exams, and the first blog post — a brief one at least, since my brain has turned to gelatin — has to be about the absurdity of the media frenzy over any contact that Obama or his transition team might have had with Governor Blagojevich.

The frenzy is based on the hope (yes, the hope) that there is something scandalous in whatever contact there might have been. The tone of much of the reporting is such that one would think any contact at all between team Obama and Blago was grounds for shock and distain — indicating an indifference to the fact that politics is most effective when it is carried out through communication among interested stakeholders (I think the appropriate phrase at this point is “duh!”). This is the equivalent of the charge that Obama had fathered two black children in wedlock….

But the absurdity reached something of an extreme today after the Obama team released their internal report to the media. On Hardball (sans Chris Matthews), guest host Mike Barnacle asked Roger Simon of what questions he would raise with Obama now that the evidence indicates that there was no inappropriate conversations with Blago. If I heard him right, Simon responded that now he wanted to know why Obama had chosen NOT to speak to the governor — implying that there was something irresponsible (and perhaps even scandalous?) in the President-elect’s indifference about who would succeed him.

Hmmm…. I need to get some rest — this is getting just too nonsensical. Damned by the media if you do, and damned by the media if you didn’t…..

UPDATE: OK, I am awake now (the morning after) and am ready to acknowledge that I did not get Simon’s point quite right. What he was saying may actually amount to something as bizzare. If, in fact, Obama did not speak to Blago about the appointment, then that means (in Simon’s mind) that Obama was privy to some knowledge about Blago being under suspicion — and Simon wants to know what Obama knew and when he knew it.

The fact that Blago was under investigation was a fact so widely known, that many of us who could not even pronouce his name (I still have problems) knew it. That being the case, it seems certain that Obama and his team approach Blago with care and ten foot poles — as would any politician who was halfway awake.

That said, it could also be that Obama just didn’t care for Blago and (as is the privilege of the President-elect — a privilege he did not have as US Senator form Illinois) he decided that he just did not want to deal with the man…

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