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Slate Gabfest turns slugfest….

I think I have mentioned in some past post that I am hooked on Slate Magazine’s Daily Podcasts, especially the Friday “Gabfest” with John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon and David Plotz. (I am still amazed and annoyed that they have paid no attention to the archiving of past shows — seems as if someone dropped the ball in early 2007 and no one has bothered picking it up again. But an addiction is an addiction — and so I keep on listening despite those little annoyances….)

I usually listen to the podcasts while working out or driving to campus — and I have been doing neither over the past week as I attempt to do some writing while dealing with my intermittent (almost semi-annual) computer crashes (see yesterday’s post — which should have been titled: HP sucks!).

This AM I did manage to get to the local YMCA, plugged in for an hour of boredom on a cardio-machine, and went right to last Friday’s Gabfest podcast. First thing I noticed is that this one was listed at more than 40+ minutes — longer than their usual half hour (+ or -) exchange. And the reason became clear about twenty minutes in when strange things happened as they approached the third topic on their planned agenda for the day (they typically do three topics and then something called “cocktail chatter”) — the recent John Edwards “affair”. Dickerson explained (in a post-production announcement) that they edited the show and would go right to the “chatter” segment — but then return for an extended “director’s cut” (unedited) version of the Edward’s discussion which turned into a pretty interesting exchange. About eight minutes into the usual give and take, the group was joined into by a fourth person at Slate who had been (I believe) sitting in quietly at the production table. He broke into the already heated discussion to express his anger and disagreement with Bazelon’s views on why the Edwards story ought to be covered by the mainstream media — and the gabfest turned into a vocal slugfest that was more like a verbal barroom brawl than the usual banter. There is a question as to whether the parties involved knew the tape was still running — but accolades for all concerned who obviously gave their permission to broadcast the melee uncensored….

Worth the listen at I sure hope they don’t take it down…..

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