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More on mediation….

And speaking of mediation….

Ken Burns was the guest on last night’s The Daily Show, and while the exchange with Jon Stewart was hardly funny it was interesting — especially Burn’s comments related to what he and other documentarians are accomplishing. Up until now, he argued, the stories and lesson of World War Two (and the Civil War and other subjects of his production company) have been “unmediated” — a wonderful use of the concept central to De Zengotita book. It also provides an possible example of why De Zengotita turned away from his Luddite inclinations, for there is much to be gained from mediating our past and present lives.

Along those lines, I have started to read Howard Becker’s Telling About Society — part methodology book, part observation about the role that representation (mostly “mediation”) plays in our lives. Perhaps more on that later….

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