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“Someone else’s” art (almost) everyday…”: Sun Shoaqun

Spent the day (Friday — or at least most of it so far) seeing the sights of Wuhan. This is a physically large city — or actually a city comprised of three smaller cities (or districts): Wuchang, Hanyang and Hunkou (thus the Wu-han) that sit at the confluence of the Yangtze and Han Rivers. It is also the capital of Hubei province — and the population is estimated at over 9 million.

First stop was Yellow Crane Tower — definitely a popular tourist stop that provides terrific views of the city as well as a great way to work off that big dinner the night before (quite a climb — although they have an elevator which did not seem to be in use or was reserved for the disabled).

Approaching Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan China

But it was the next stop that proved the most impressive and surprising. Originally I was being taken to the Hubei Provincial Museum, but when we got there I noticed the Hubei Museum of Art and convinced my graduate student guide to go there first (he did not seem thrilled). As we entered the building we found ourselves in the midst of a major event for the opening of a “Contemporary China France Art View” (?) exhibition. Had to wait until all the speeches were done and news cameras left before being allowed to see the museum, so stopped at a very upscale coffee house in the lobby (more like an upscale lounge than coffee bar) to wait things out.

My little diversion paid dividends, for when we finally got to visit the exhibit and the sculpture collection at the Hubei we found ourselves really impressed. The exhibit was very interesting, with a few of the contributing artists’ work even moreso.

But it was the sculpture collection that was outstanding, and I must have take dozens of photos that I now have to organize.

What to do with these photos? I feel they should be shared, if for no other reason than to give some exposure to contemporary art in China. How to do so? I will steal an idea from my spouse who religiously posts a daily work of her art at Her standard is in the the subtitle of her blog: “Art Every Day!” So for at least as long as I have these photos to post, I will do so under the heading: “Someone else’s art (almost) everyday…”

Hard to pick a favorite among those works to start with, but a sculpture titled “Beyond Space and Time” was among the most fascinating….

Habei Museum of Art, Wuchan China

Frontview of Sun Shoaqun: "Beyond Space-Time" (2001)

Habei Museum of Art, Wuchan China

Sideview of Sun Shoaqun: "Beyond Space-Time" (2001)

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