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I have been so focused on various papers recently that blogging is something I have not even considered a third level priority. But the most challenging of my recent efforts is now over — and I am pretty comfortable with the next two or three projects. So I will at least give some thought to blogging intermittently.

The recent paper started as one thing and ended up another. The task was to explore the use of accountability mechanisms in response to global financial problems (of which there are plenty); but the task quickly turned into a paper on why accountability tends to emerge as the reform-of-choice in almost every policy choice situation. Having become convinced that the concept of accountability is today more a rhetorical (rather than functional) policy artifact — more an icon designed to generate acquiescence than to bring about some useful ends — I started to wonder why it is the first (almost knee-jerk) option mentioned whenever someone discusses a governance problem to be solved. It just makes no sense — at least if you assume we are rational animals (which, of course, I do not).

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